WELCOME woman of the new moon

Like a vibrant seed, you embody all the latent potential to create life within you.  

There is a profound and life changing journey ahead of you. The perennial wisdom of conception is intrinsically woven into your very being, waiting to be accessed.  You are being called to the Sacred Order of Motherhood.  Let us help guide you there.  

As mothers who have devoted our lives to the path of health, wellness, natural living and spirituality, we wish to share all we’ve learned with you about how we’ve applied these principles to conceiving, birthing and raising our own children.

We begin our odyssey into the Sacred Motherhood Blueprint by approaching conception with awareness and the wisdom of how to deeply nourish our bodies.

Our first course in the Conscious Conception series is Earth: Diet and Nutrition.

This 6 week live online course imparts the most concise yet comprehensive curriculum of conception nutrition available.  

You will assimilate the quintessence of various documented nutritional philosophies to glean the most pertinent fertility information that each has to offer.  The course content is designed to be concise, time-efficient and easy to digest yet reflects what took us 40 years of study and practice respectively to integrate.

Regardless of your current dietary proclivities, how little or how well you are versed in the science of nutrition and the art of eating well, this course has much to offer you.  We address a gamut of possible approaches from traditional diets and wild foods to raw, vegan diets and superfoods.  From a practitioner perspective, we impart Ayurvedic medicine’s approach to conception nutrition.  We also clearly break down the science behind specific fertility nutrients, explain how your partner needs to eat to cultivate the highest quality genetic material and openly discuss our own secret nutritional strategies: how and why we developed them and the influence they’ve had on our own individual processes of becoming pregnant.  We consider this course to be a complete method for eating to enhance fertility.  




WEEKLY LIVE CALLS: Jai and Aubrey will personally guide and facilitate the course through 6 weeks of live video calls. Personalized instruction will allow for deeper integration of the material presented. You will receive the recording delivered to your inbox the following day to listen to either on your own time or to have as a resource forever.


Q&A sessions with Jai and Aubrey will take place at the end of each live call. Together, they offer an expansive collective body of wisdom spanning many topics relevant to health, spirituality and natural mothering as well as having had the experience to naturally birth and raise 4 children. Ask them anything!


COURSE MATERIALS: You will receive 1 gorgeous printed, hand-designed compendium, which will be the springboard for the course teachings, discussions and self-explorations to unfold. This 100 plus page guidebook of original material is full of thought provoking journal exercises, informative charts, a resource section, creative activities to engender deep reflection about your intentions for becoming pregnant and what may be holding you back as well as tons of linked recipes and our very own fertility recipe book. It is yours to keep and refer back to over and over. We created this with the knowing that it will become a beloved resource in your library for years to come.


SELF CARE BUNDLE: Jai and Aubrey are both natural product formulators with their own plant-based skin and body-care lines. They’ve prepared an assortment of exquisite aromatic botanical products specifically designed for this journey. They are beautifully packaged and delivered to you to enjoy and imbibe as we go through the course.

ONLINE FELLOWSHIP: Benefit from the collective support and upliftment of an online community of women engaged in similar journeys as well as personal interaction with Jai and Aubrey in our private FB group.


STUDY GROUPS: Receive individual attention in smaller interactive study pods that we will personally animate with simple, self-reflective exercises such as personal writing and art projects.


CEREMONY: Jai and Aubrey are life long practicing ceremonialists. They believe that the transmission of this wisdom is sacred and hold the space in which they share and teach as such. Each course commences and culminates with an opening and closing ceremony.

GRADUATION and certificate of course completion. Upon completion we will send you a beautiful certificate to acknowledge your participation in the program.

ORACLE READINGS: Begin each week with a Sacred Motherhood Blueprint oracle reading to culivate a deeper connection to your inner wisdom. Receive an insightful and pertinent reading accompanied by gorgeous and inspiring artwork, which speak to different archetypal issues that arise on the path to conscious conception.


Diet and Nutrition for Conscious Conception


WEEK 1: We unfold into this journey together with our opening ceremony. Jai and Aubrey will then give an introduction and overview to nutrition for Conscious Conception, laying the groundwork for the entire course. Then we’ll delve into how and why to alkalize your diet, discuss traditional diets, what they are and what are their benefits.

WEEK 2: We begin with a Q&A. Aubrey will unpack the science of life’s perspective on fertility nutrition with Ayurveda & Conception. Delve deep into ancient Ayurvedic perspectives on crucial components for healthy menstruation, the basic building block of conception, as well as learn about building and nourishing substances and how they promote fertility.


WEEK 3: We begin with a Q&A. We will span a gamut of dietary philosophies including vegetarianism, veganism, the raw foods approach and the superfoods phenomenon and what they offer us for fertility.

WEEK 4: We begin with a Q&A. Deep personal insights from the mothers of Sacred Motherhood Blueprint are revealed on this call. We divulge how to ensure a successful vegan pregnancy, share a midwife’s direct experience working with vegan mamas, how diet specifically affects the health of the placenta as well as valuable advice on how to navigate all these nutritional trends. We share our collective perspective on what is instinctive eating.

WEEK 5: We begin with a Q&A. Learn exactly what nutrients you need to conceive and why as well as where you can find them and our favorite recipes containing them. Learn the importance of wild edibles for conception and why this is a great time to start planting a garden. We also include a bonus section on diet for optimal male fertility during this call.

WEEK 6: We begin with a Q&A. We will culminate our time together by concluding and summarizing what we’ve learned during our time together as well as receive advice from some of our elders on how to embody fertility.



Ayurvedic Incompatible Food Combining: The ancients set us straight on how to eat for optimal health. This simple plan lays out with what foods to eat together and what to avoid combining.

Sacred Nourishment, celebrating the offerings to the Inner Fire. A guide to transforming your mealtime into a spiritual practice!

Sanskrit Food Prayer: An ancient Ayurvedic mantra that imbues your food with spiritual Shakti.

Superfood Conception Delicacies: An entire recipe compendium that we composed just with you and your desire to conceive in mind! Think yummy, high vibe, superfood treats for fertility and conception including: libido enhancing smoothies, aphrodisiac raw food desserts and moon balancing cacao truffles.

Sexy Superfoods for Fertility: Learn exactly which superfoods make us fertile and why.

Ph daily tracker and instructions on how to utilize this tool to gain insight into the acid-alkaline tendencies of your inner terrain.

Plus tons of intriguing journal exercises and art projects that will take the course material deeper and make the journey your very own.


Jai and Aubrey have distilled their life experience of naturally birthing and raising 4 children plus 40 years of respective immersion in the fields of nutrition, herbalism, natural product formulation, Ayurveda, yoga, organic gardening, permaculture design, Native American and Amazonian shamanism, goddess tradition and earth-centered spirituality.  They both own and steward off-the-grid farms in Hawaii and Peru, respectively.  They have devoted their lives to studying, teaching and embodying these practices and now they bring you the culmination of what they have learned from a lifetime of living in synch with the rhythms of the natural world.  They have also been dear friends and allies on this journey for over two decades.  It is their honor and deep joy to impart their wisdom and experience with you.


We look forward to meeting you!