A trinity of women. Three different walks of life.  One common mission.


Each one was christened into the journey in her own unique way.  Awed by the sacred responsibility it is to bring forth life; each one devoted herself to walking the path of the Mother consciously.  Each one carries a different perspective, different life experiences and a different and varied skillset.  Collectively, they share the commitment to conceiving, birthing and raising children safely, serenely and in harmony with Nature. They strive to support and encourage women everywhere, to reclaim their innate wisdom.  They believe that with each new life that is birthed with awareness and respect, we Mothers are rewriting a new story for our entire species; one that tells of peace, kindness, interconnectedness and empowerment.


The time is now.


Aubrey Bamdad

Aubrey has emerged as a prominent bridge between the fields of Ayurveda and traditional Amazonian medicine. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yogini, herbalist, alchemist and the founder and product formulator of Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals. Aubrey directs Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic and Vedic studies in the upper Peruvian Amazon where she resides and leads retreat programs cross-pollinating the ancient disciplines of yoga and shamanism. She travels and teaches worldwide, expounding on a gamut of topics relating to different aspects of Ayurveda and traditional Amazonian medicine, including botanical medicine, full spectrum nutrition, indigenous mythology and cosmovision, sustainability, nature-based philosophy and shamanism. Aubrey and her husband Dionisio birthed their beautiful daughter Nahal Devi, at home, in the water, under a full Amazonian moon.

Jai Stringer

A mother of 3, Jai birthed all her children at home on Maui, with the help of her husband and midwife. Parenting with consciousness is her spiritual practice, which began at their intended conceptions, throughout all her pregnancies, into the journey of breastfeeding each baby for 2 years and still continues today. Jai’s background is in Ayurveda, yoga, aromatherapy and natural family care, interwoven with an on-going love affair of aromatherapy, sustainable living & organic farming. She is the co-owner of Maui Blessed Organics a natural body products company.  Jai is a trained ceremonialist in traditional ceremonial ways with 15 years experience. Her awe-inspiring ability to pray and commune has deepened and refined throughout her transition from young woman into wife, mother and stewardess of her land, family and community.

Sunshine Tresidder

Homebirth midwife, salt of the earth mama, herbalist, plant whisperer, and temple priestess are a few of the ways in which she expresses her essence. Sunshine has been practicing midwifery for over twenty years; facilitating the miracle of birth around the world from Haiti to Indonesia to Peru. She believes each family teaches a unique story about love and truth, and is an honored devotee to each and every sacred birth story she has experienced.  She incorporates massage and craniosacral therapy into her midwifery practice, which is located in a small rural community in Northern California. Sunshine is mother to two grown sons whom she birthed naturally on the land, and has lived off-grid in the Redwoods for over two decades. She considers the land, seasons, and moon cycles some of her greatest teachers. Sunshine offers sacred space to women during each new moon in her garden sanctuary, and is an ordained minister who has performed over 23 weddings.