What is a comadre you ask?  It is a term often used in Latin America to address a fellow mother.  You may not have children of your own yet, but know deep in your being that it is part of your path one day.  You may be preparing to conceive or already be expecting.  Congratulations!  We wish to welcome you into the folds of the fellowship of Mothers.


We are living in a time on this beautiful planet earth where we are remembering and reclaiming the ways of our grandmother’s grandmothers.  


Like the moon in its waxing, fullness and waning, the Divine Feminine is a triumvirate of phases:  the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.  Each phase represents a different form of wisdom and experience for a woman.  Each phase mirrors Nature in its progression from birth through growth unto death.  This Sacred Cycle is a Universal Law for all things.

For many moons, the mysteries of Sacred Motherhood have been shrouded by the shadow of the dominating patriarchal paradigm.  Women disconnected from the wise ways of their maternal lineage, gave their power over to men who made decisions about pregnancy, birth and childcare; realms of the Goddess. 

The process of remembering and reclaiming is not straightforward.  We may feel thirsty, seeking our way through the darkness, looking for our root systems so we may tap into that intrinsic source of nourishment, our own intuition.

The way of Sacred Motherhood is our ancestral birthright encoded in our DNA, as a divine blueprint that indicates how to steward the evolution of our species in health, peace and right relationship with all Life.


By consciously seeding, birthing and raising our young, we are stewarding our species and guiding the evolution of the Earth.  How we conceive, give birth to, and nurture our children has a direct effect on the healing of our planet. 


As we embark on the journey of motherhood, we are entrusted to tend the seeds of the future.
We are healing the earth by raising our children to honor the delicate balance of the natural world and showing them by example how to respect Life in all its myriad of forms. 

Embodying Sacred Motherhood is not just about recreating the past.  It involves weaving in the positive aspects of our modern technological age to create a new world for our children and our children's children.


We empower our children's future as sovereign heirs of their destiny by leaving offerings at the gates of Creation for them.We invite their souls in as we merge in dance with our beloved partners, weaving the tapestry of our mutual love and respect into geometric symmetry as sperm merges with ovum.  The Universal Vesica Pisces divides into the Sacred Seed of Life. 


We feed them the colors of the world as they swim inside our wombs; we dance with gratitude as they spiral out of our bodies.  We welcome them with the sights and sounds of our devotion and feed them from our hearts, our breasts.

We honor the deep knowing that you are preparing yourself to become a mother.  This is a rite of passage, an initiation.  And we, your fellow comadres are here to bless, inspire and guide you.



The Blueprint is comprised of 5 courses
designed to be taken individually or sequentially.


The Sacred Motherhood Blueprint affords the opportunity to transform our consciousness, as we prepare to be initiated into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a mother.  This is a journey of self-discovery and personal healing which have a direct impact on the evolution of our species and future of our planet.


The Blueprint is comprised of 5 courses, designed to be taken individually or sequentially.  Each course builds on the wisdom attained in the previous course and has 5 separate yet interconnected modules, which represent the 5 elements:  earth, water, fire, air and ether.








Each course is 6 weeks in length.  Each week we will dive deep into an element to explore different perspectives and practices from a variety of wisdom traditions including Ayurveda, yoga, Native American, Pagan, & Amazonian Shamanism.


Understanding and integrating the views of these differing wisdom traditions in relation to each particular elemental field of study throughout each different phase of the Motherhood journey is integral to a holistic interfacing of our ancestral knowledge with our modern lives.



Weekly live call and coaching session

We’ll circle up, set the focus for the week with some specific rituals or practices associated with the elemental information we will be immersing ourselves in before opening up the call to take your questions to clarify the course teachings and bring the information home in a very personal and accessible way.

Weekly Oracle Readings

Each Monday morning for 5 weeks, you’ll receive an email to let you know that the audio trainings for the specific element being covered have been posted to the course portal, along with a Sacred Motherhood virtual card reading to set the tone for our week’s activities, intentions, interplays and immersion.

PDF workbooks

Beautiful, printable booklets full of timeless and pertinent information, organized in a user-friendly format. These booklets contain the heart of the course’s wisdom as well as interactive exercises for journaling, practice and contemplation. You’ll be sure to revisit these many times.

An online fellowship

Connect with, share, inspire and be supported by a rich community of Mothers on a similar path. The private Sacred Motherhood Facebook group.

Small study groups

Benefit from working through course content with a small and intimate team.


Receive a custom blended collection of beautifully packaged botanical tools designed with your fertility health in mind. Includes breast balm, yoni balm and herbal fertility formula.

Opening & Closing ceremony

Each course will commence and culminate with sacred space being invoked. The purpose is to create a safe and sacred container where participants feel held, nurtured and supported and for the transmission of wisdom to flow freely between us.


SAMPLE SYLLABUS - Conscious Conception:


Course 1 - Element: Earth


+ Opening ceremony: Introduction to Nutrition of Conception

From Westin Price to Gabriel Cousins, we’ll cover in detail the gamut of dietary possibilities and their unique approaches toward fertility and conception. Exploring the pros and cons of a raw food, veganism, and vegetarianism and how to thrive as your prepare your body for conception. This course will provide a wealth of information on whole foods, super foods, micro and macro nutrients and supplments all aimed to enhance your fertility.

+ Ayurvedic Conception Nutrition:

We’ll cover a detailed overview of Vedic perspectives on conception and fertility including suggestions for how to personalize a prenatal diet for your individual dosha. How to rectify doshic imbalances, create your optimal fertile womb space and bulid your nutrinet bank for baby.

+ Perspective Pieces on building your Nutrient Bank:

Pearls of wisdom from the seaseoned mothers and women who created this course. Aubrey offfers her unique perspective from as an Ayurvedic and shamanic practictioner. Jai offers her 15 years of mothering expereince, wholistic family care and permaculture expertise. Sunshine, our resident midwife, shares just how important it is to eat a nutrinet dense diet in preparation for conception.

+ DIY recipes inspired by the waxing moon, journaling for relfection & growth and other tools to help you intergrate all the amazing nutritional advice this course offers:

Think yummy, high vibe, superfood treats for fertility and conception including: libido enhancing smoothies, aphrodisiac raw food desserts and moon balancing cacao truffles. Provocative journal questions to help you idtentify and shift any unhealthy dietary patterns or upgrade your current nutritional procilivities.


Course 2 - Element: Water


& Natural Remedies


+ Activating the Healer Archetype Within:

Gain a deeper understanding of which herbs and natural remedies are safe and appropriate to work with to support conception and enhance fertility.

+ Listening to your body:

Learn simple, practical tools to connect with your body’s own innate wisdom. Develop the confidence to trust this inner knowing and make educated and intuitive decisions that will empower your health.

+ Understanding the ideal Feminine hormone profile for conception:

The endocrine system is a mystery for most people. We’ll delve into the environmental factors that are currently impacting women’s hormones and how we can utilize foods, herbs and natural substances to create more hormonal balance, thereby insuring an optimal environment for conception to occur.

+ Learn the secrets of Aphrodite’s appetite:

An intense exploration of aphrodisiac herbs, plants, aromas and foods for getting your libido lifted.

+ Bruhana is for Budding Babies:

A detailed Ayurvedic perspective on building/nourishing substances to promote fertility and insure a healthy and viable conception.

+ Vibrational medicine, flower essences & aromatherapy to support the subtle level cultivation of conception.

As much as we may mentally think we’re ready to conceive, sometimes there are blockages on the energetic plane that need to be cleared before we are able to open ourselves as the Life Giving Portal we are. Learn which vibrational tools can assist on this path.

+ Sundari DIY recipes for natural remedies and beautifying body care:

Let the beauty of your inner Devi radiate forth with the full force of optimal feminine health. Enhance your shakti by making your own simple yummy products including herbal elixirs, lymph decongesting breast balms and tonifying aphrodisiac yoni balms.

+ Shamanic plant and flower baths:

In Amazonia, a long tradition of bathing with botanical and floral substances is employed to cleanse the auric field of old, unwanted energies and enhance our abilities as creators and manifestors. Learn how to perform this ritual, ideal times for doing so and what plants and flowers that grow in your area can be used.

+ The Midwife’s Perspective on herbs and natural remedies to enhance libido and address conception challenges:

We’ll discuss tendency towards miscarriage as well as other common complications that may occur.


Course 3 - Element: Air

Lifestyle Practices


+ The Art of Moon Charting:

Becoming a master of your inner rhythms. We’ll cover fertility tracking and tips and tricks of how to enjoy your moon cycle rather than dread it.

+ Devi Dinacharya:

Ayurvedic fertility and conception self-care practices to heal and nourish the feminine body-mind-spirit complex and prepare the individual soul and her womb for opening up to their life creating potential.

+ Fertile Womb Massage with Marma Therapy:

Learn a simple and potent technique to align the uterus, increase the flow of life force to the reproductive system and greatly enhance our ability to conceive effortlessly and naturally.

+ Lotus juju practices: yoni steams, sitz baths and jade eggs:

Utilize ancient sensual healing techniques to increase blood flow and strengthen the reproductive system. You’ll understand the how to of each of these practices as well as what you’ll need to perform them at home.

+ Yoga asana sequences for fertility and conception:

Learn which standing, seated and supine poses, twists, backbends, forward bends and inversions should be practiced and when, to align our pelvis, increase blood flow, alleviate PMS, enhance libido, boost fertility as well as balance emotional tension and hormonal mood swings.


Course 4 - Element: Fire


(to partner, family, community, career & self)


+ Walking the Tightrope - Meditation and Daily Practice:

Striking a balance between our dharma as mothers and our dharma as career passionate women is critical to enjoying our newly claimed role and transcending the frustration and anxiety that can come along from the added responsibility.

+ Pratyahara: Emptying the Chalice for the Inner Deva to Emerge:

Learn techniques and practices to create more internal spaciousness and develop a more authentic, loving relationship with yourself. When we make room, clearing out the old, unwanted clutter of our lives in the form of unconscious patterns, conditionings and reactions; we create the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves.

+ Ho'oponopono for Conception:

This ancient Hawaiian practice of “making good” enables us to experience empowerment through forgiveness and reconciliation. If you feel a deep need to unburden yourself of traumas from past relationships before moving into Motherhood, this is for you.

+ Shiva Parvati High Teas:

Even the primordial representations of the divine feminine and masculine needed to sit down and work things out from time to time. If it didn’t flow perfectly for them, us mere mortals don’t stand much chance without implementing skills in conscious intention setting and open, honest communication on both parts. Learn conscious interrelating practices so you and your beloved can sow the seeds of long term sustainability in your relationship before embarking on the sacred journey into parenthood.

+ “It takes a village”:

Calibrating with our community when raising a child can alleviate many pressures and the overwhelm of feeling like you have to do it all yourself. Learn to identify important factors in a child-friendly community as well as exercises to develop symbiotic relations with neighbors and how to build your supportive social network.

+ Lineage Mandala Medicine for Healing Family Wounds:

Attaining a state of peace and acceptance in regards to our family dynamics is a fundamental step towards creating a family unit free from the toxic effects of past hereditary karmas. Experience the freedom from healing ancestral bonds that keep us unconsciously perpetuating old outdated belief systems and habits, which ultimately inhibit our soul’s true expression of itself.


Course 5 - Element: Ether

Spirituality & Ritual


+ Dance Round the Virtual Bonfire:

Release the aspects of Maidenhood that perpetuate you in the role of the insecure, emotionally fragile little girl and embrace your Artemis archetype: the cool, calm and centered huntress. Allowing her to radiate forth will give you the confidence you need to move forward into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine life cycle feeling self-assured. Clearing space to seed the dreams and visions for creating new life as a group potentiates our individual intentions manifold.

+ Create a Unique Conception Prayer Just for You:

Access the power of manifestation for fertility and conception. Ancient cultures have been practicing different rituals for the purpose of conceiving strong, intelligent, blessed offspring for millennia. Be inspired and amazed by stories of different conception prayers and rituals from around the world and create your very own.

+ Pagan Cord Cutting Ritual:

Activate and radiate from your solar plexus through this potent practice. Awaken your inner samurai and slash energetic cords from past relationships that may be keeping your actions motivated from an unconscious place of hurt rather than an unencumbered place of power.

+ Vedic astrological practices for fertility and conception:

Align with planetary forces to potentiate your ability to conceive with ease and enjoyment.

+ Tarpana ceremony: Aligning with our Ancestors:

Tarpana is a Vedic ceremony in which we come to terms with who we are through visualization and catharsis. Tarpana is a liberating, cleansing therapy. It does for the mind, emotions and spirit what a deep cleanse does for the body.

+ Womb Puja:

Learn to honor your womb as the life giving portal it is, by performing a Vedic ceremony imbued with reverence, beauty and intention. Worshiping the Divine within enables us to recognize ourselves as conduits for Divinity, an ideal practice when preparing the body, mind and spirit for conception.


You strive to live a life aligned with your highest self, and desire to create a life in the same conscious vibration.

You seek to break patterns and conditioning of your own upbringing and not pass on an outdated, disempowering belief system to your children.

You dream of a being part of fellowship with other like-minded resonant mothers and mothers-to-be where you can share community and receive support.

You see your potential as a conscious, empowered mother, raising conscious, empowered children and want to access it.

You desire to learn how to develop spiritual partnership and conscious communication: paramount steps in conception, pregnancy, birthing, childrearing and in creating more sustainable, nourishing family dynamics overall.

You are interested in a comprehensive holistic curriculum regarding all things childbearing and mothering.

You are having complications conceiving or have experienced post partum blues, or it runs in your family and you are looking for safe, natural alternatives to address these issues.

You feel truly passionate about reclaiming your feminine power.

You envision motherhood as sacred and want to experience it as such from conception through birth.

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there around motherhood and want concise, bottom-line information in an easy to access format.

You desire to take the birthing process into your own hands and not unquestioningly follow what you have been conditioned to believe is the norm.

You believe that transforming our birth imprint from one of fear to trust can have a profoundly positive, radiating effect on our species and planet.